Mass deploy Insight agent on Mac's

Hello All,
We were able to successfully install the agent remotely on a Windows laptops using our MDM solution (using the .msi file), But for Mac devices the MDM solution only supports pkg, appx, mpkg, dmg, deb, rpm whereas Rapid7 provides a .sh file. Currently working on packing but size of the script is too big , looking for any alternative solutions here

Thank you

Deployed through jamf and that went all good. Do note that with the newer version of MacOS we experienced that (admin) users need to approve the installation although it was marked as silent.

Would be really nice if Rapid7 could provide a package that will just deploy using Intune, instead of having to rely on workarounds like Jamf


Do you have any further info you can provide on the deployment package for Jamf? Our teams will be investigating deployment through Jamfpro.


We used script in jamf, create a package using composer and after that also used this setting for start the script with token.
We also created a different types of smartgroups for M1 and intel macbooks.
And make 2 policies for that.

That’s pretty much it.

Can someone provide steps on how to mass deploy rapid7 agents in Mac via Jamf.