Manual Scan error

For some reason we are starting to get an error " Scan Action Failed: No asset were selected to be scanned…" whenever we try to do a manual scan of specific assets. It’s strange because we did no change within InsightVM and could normally scan specific assets manual. We have asset groups and all the sites set up, the schedule scans do run but at times we do specific scans especially after patching specific systems to see if it is reflected as remediated.

Any ideas what may have happened ?
Added a screenshot of error.


Hi Kadeem,

From previous experience I have noticed that scheduled scans can have different configurations such as ranges, exceptions etc than the site. This means that if you run a manual scan it will use the configurations on the site as opposed to the configurations on the scheduled scan.

I would start by checking for any differences between your scheduled scan configuration and your site’s scan configuration. It could be that someone had modified something to test and then forgot to change the settings back. At least that’s what it was when I previously had this sort of issue.

Hope this helps!

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