Make a SNOW ticket assigner for equal assignment of tickets

Is there a way you would program a ticket assigner? Where the first guy assigned the ticket does not get another one until the assigner has reached the end of the list of people and comes back around to the start…

Just so I am understanding, you are trying to implement a bit of a round robin assignment system for assigning SNOW tickets to users?

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yes round robin.

I can think of a mechanism using a global artifact and the math plugin to implement this - but it’s not pretty. I can provide an example if you’d like, but it’s really technical and geeky.

Cleaner solution:
Feature Request!

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my most basic implementation hehe :grin:

def run(params={}):
from secrets import choice
people =[“hayden”…]
peep = choice(people)

return {“assigned”:peep}

do you wanna test your idea out? we want to try