Looping around a list and comparing to extracted data

Hi, My brain has stopped working today and I’m having trouble working out how to do something that seems simple.
I’m extracting a single email address from a Cloud Activity event that i want to compare to a list of allowed domains. If any of the allowed domains are contained are within the extracted email address i want to return a True, else a false.
I’ve created a parameter with the list of allowed domains in CSV format and set up a String split to list action. I’ve also got the email address extracted. I then created a loop to loop around the allowed domain list, but what do i check inside the loop to return a single true or false. A pattern match seems likely but that compares the loop value to a regex - should i be adding the extracted email address to the regex statement somehow?
And how do i get it to return a True if any of the allowed domains are True? For example, what if there are 3 allowed domains and the email address matches the 2nd - how do i get a True output rather than a False, True, False in the iterations.
It’s the end of the day for me, so it’s possible I’ll look at this again tomorrow and it’ll all suddenly come to me, but any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

If I am understanding what you are trying to do correctly, you could use an automated decision step in the loop to check the {{[list].[item]}} against your parameter if it matches take the true path and break the loop, or take the false path and check the next item in the list.

Thanks Michael, your suggestion works although I eventually took the simpler solution of just checking for the domain within the parameter string.