Loop output containing an artifact with and Image

I have created a loop to screenshot each URL in an email, using the URL Screenshot pluggin. Within the loop the artifact displays the screenshot by using an <img64:{{[“Screenshot URL”].[screenshot]}}/>
All OK, so far

The loop output is the artifact as a string/array {{[“Loop URLs”].[URL-Output]}}

When trying to bring it all together into a single artifact, the images do not display.
{{#each [“Loop URLs”].[URL-Output]}}

  • {{this}}

  • {{/each}}

    Any suggestions or help would be great

    As an update, the artifact is being created correctly, the seems to be when it is added to an HTML email via o365. The data is in the email but is not being rendered correctly.

    This seemed to do the job for me

  • dot
  • Hey Chris! Sorry for the delay here, but it seems you found a solution. The screenshot in your last message isn’t rendering for me, what was the trick?

    To get the email to render properly, I used <img src=“data:image/png;base64, {{[“Screenshot URL”].[screenshot]}}” alt=“dot” />

    The problem I now have is when there are a large number of URLs. The email becomes too large for the O365 plugin to send. I am trying to find a way of creating smaller images from the URL screenshot plugin.