"Lookup Host in InsightVM from Teams" has a bug

I know I can create a PR request, but there is a small change needed in the workflow “Lookup Host in InsightVM from Teams” in the VulnerabilityRemediationToolkit.
In Step 3 “Clean Teams Message”
The Document input of:
{{["lookup-host Trigger"].[message].[body]}}
Needs to be changed to:
{{["lookup-host Trigger"].[message].[body].[content]}}


Hey @brandon_mcclure, I put a quick PR up for you based on your suggestion…if you have some time to test it. Otherwise, the team will get around to it today and post back.

I took a look at the PR and that is the change I made in my local workflow and it ran correctly.
Also looking at “Lookup Top Remediations with InsightVM from Microsoft Teams” and it uses my proposed change.

It has been released to the Extension Library, let us know if you have any issues. Thanks Brandon.

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