Looking for assistance regarding an SQL Query - Web browsers Extensions

Looking for assistance regarding an SQL Query - Web browsers Extensions. Wondering if there is a SQL Query for this…Can anyone provide any assistance?

My bad, I wasnt paying attention to the fact this is in InsightVM, not IDR. I’ve never tried to do it with InsightVM so I cant give you any tips, but Ive left my previous response with other options I’ve tried.

Are you trying to create an inventory of extensions or something else? Extensions are a little tricky to work with because they are identified by their store ID instead of their name. You’d have to capture them from the from endpoint telemetry logs when the chrome exe loads them, then match the extension id against against the store to get the name of extensions. Because its such a messy process to try and do it with InsightIDR, Ive gone the route of creating a custom CMDB value in MECM to collect and report extensions.

Here is what I hit the data warehouse with. Seems to be good enough for what I need to do.
– get list of plugins

SELECT distinct name, version, type

FROM public.dim_asset_software
WHERE type = ‘Browser Add-On’
ORDER by name;