Log Search Table View Scrolling Update

Just a heads up, our Log Search team has added a nice little update for using the Table View within Log Search which will definitely help to scroll through many logs while performing investigations or just perusing.

TLDR - Before the update, as you scrolled down through the log results, your column headers (keywords that are made into columns within the table view) would stay at the top and make it difficult to remember what the keywords were that corresponded to the values you were looking at. With the latest update, as you scroll down through your log results, the column headers will stay locked front and center so you can quickly reference the keyword your values are associated with:


Side note…the column headers will stay locked ONLY when you are scrolling down through the log results, if you start scrolling down through the IDR log search page as a whole (based on screen size and resolution) column headers will stay in their original spot.