List of Operating Systems


is it possible to create a report or a query for a list of operating systems. Something like:

OS | Quantity
Windows Server 2019 | 20
Debian Linux 10 | 5

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Have you looked at the Card “Assets by Operating System”?

If you are looking to filter out results, you could use “os.product = Windows Server 2019” and so on.
If you are trying to create a dashboard view broken down by operating systems, you could use the assets by operating system template.

Sadly, you will have to click on the expand card and select a particular vendor to break it down further.

If you want an export/report, go to the Reports area, choose “SQL Query Export” and enter this as the code:

SELECT dos.description AS OS, count(*) AS Quantity
FROM dim_asset da
JOIN dim_operating_system dos USING (operating_system_id)
GROUP BY dos.description


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Thank you all for your ideas. That was very helpful for me. :slight_smile: