List of all vulnerabilities covered by a specific solution

I need some help for a query the returns an overview of all our Critical vulnerabilities being resolved by a specific solution.

Solution: “Upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome”

Resolves following Vulnerabilities:
“Google Chrome Vulnerability: CVE-2019-5866”
“Google Chrome Vulnerability: CVE-2021-21106 Use after free in autofill”

I believe you could do something like this:

SELECT dv.vulnerability_id, dv.title
FROM dim_vulnerability dv
JOIN dim_vulnerability_solution dvs
USING (vulnerability_id)
JOIN dim_solution ds
USING (solution_id)
WHERE ds.summary = 'Upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome'
AND dv.severity = 'Critical'

There’s a lot of other data available in the dim_vulnerability table, if you’re looking to expand upon this. You can check out the fields and the other tables in the reporting data model here.