Linux systems with SELinux enable & Rapid7 Agent

For endpoint protections it is recommended to make exceptions for the Rapid7 Agent. What about the SELinux configuration in relation to the Rapid7 Agent. For the IDR collector at RedHat 7 or 8 image, ensure SELinux is disabled or set to permissive mode.

Is it possible to make an exception for Rapid7 Agent in SELinux?
Will it be supported by Rapid7?

I had just asked about this because this was a hard stop for my Agent deployment

Will keep you posted if I have any update :wink:

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why would you prioritize the r7 agent over selinux?

we prioritized SELinux over the R7 Agent, but now we cannot take advantage of what the Agent does.
We would prefer that the R7 Agent works with SELinus enabled.

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We have problems with R7 agent for InsightVM and SELinux. We do not use InsightIDR. Anyone using R7 agent for InsightVM and SELinux ‘enforcing’ mode successfully?