Lingering Drafts

Maintenance and best practices question here:

I’ve got a lot of Draft Workflows, most are POC idea to see how a Plugin works or to test an idea, others are from looking at an Active Workflow and it leaving a Draft behind, to others that are a work in progress for a fix or new feature of an Active Workflow. For the POC ones I’m working on a system of either tagging them so or a naming convention. But for the work in progress vs view, how do I know if I’m overwriting a work in progress or pushing an unfinished change?

From a best practices standpoint is it a good idea to delete any drafts that you don’t need?

When it comes to managing drafts, I think it’s helpful to title + tag them appropriately when you first create them so you have a better indicator of what that draft actually is when you’re sorting through them. And if something’s just a one-off test or something you won’t otherwise use, I think it’s fine to delete it. Makes it easier to de-clutter your workflows and know what you DO have.

Since you mentioned tags here it actually gave me an idea - it’d be nice to be able to sort workflows by their tags in the listing page (maybe via a dropdown or something) so I’m going to share that with the team.

Another thing we’re working on that’ll help with the draft situation is a “view” mode for active workflows. It’ll allow you to click on an active workflow and essentially view all the steps and their configurations in read-only mode, so you don’t have to create a draft in order to see those details.

Not sure what you mean by this exactly, could you clarify?

Your View mode is something I’ve wanted for a while, I am always referencing a Workflow because I cannot remember how I did something and would love to keep it out of edit mode to make sure I don’t accidentally change something and keeping it out of the drafts.
Filtering by Tag would be great too!

To clarify my statement, I don’t really know what I want but the idea would be to see a diff of the changed when I click activate that I have to confirm.Not as complicated as a PR request but a heads up to what I’m about to do. I like how GitHub uses the red — green +++ lines, this would make sure that I’m not pushing a change that wasn’t ready yet

I see what you mean. So basically if you’re editing an active workflow it’s hard to see what you’ve changed thus far, especially if you’ve worked on it across multiple sessions. Which makes it kinda hard to feel 100% sure about the changes when activating it again.

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Exactly (I get distracted :shushing_face:)

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Me too, don’t worry :laughing:

I’m liking the View option of an Active Workflow! Thanks!

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