Jira Ticket Formatting

Does anyone have a working format for the “description” field i have been tasked with getting the tickets to look “prettier” as I cant even get a simple line break. tried this from another form but i just get a bunch of muble

{panel:bgColor=#eae6ff}Vulnerability Remediation Project - $PROJ_NAME {panel} You have been assigned or added as participant in this vulnerability remediation project. Please try to remediate this finding if possible. If this item can not be remediated please let the Information Security team know so that we can update and add the finding to the companies risk registry. \ {panel:bgColor=#fefae6}The following solution is the best solution to remediate the vulnerability {panel} $SOL_FIX \ \ Please see the following url if available to assist with remediation $SOL_URL \ {panel:bgColor=#ffebe6} Affected IPs & Hostnames {panel} $ASSET_IP_LIST \ \ $ASSET_NAME_LIST \ {panel:bgColor=#e3fcef} By remediating this finding, it will remediate the following vulnerabilities {panel} $VULN_ID_LIST \ {panel:bgColor=#deebff}

I use \\ for line break and no colors. It’s not pretty but it’s clear imho.
$SOL_NAME \\ \\ $SOL_FIX \\ \\ $SOL_ADDL_INFO \\ $SOL_URL \\ \\ To fix vulnerabilities: \\ $VULN_ID_LIST\\ \\ On assets :\\ $ASSET_NAME_LIST \\ \\ Remediation Project: $PROJ_NAME