Jira Plugin - On Prem Authentication

Documentation for the plugin references the Jira Cloud API, and when configuring the plugin requests an API key. How do we configure the plugin to work with an on-prem version of Jira Server?

There’s a URL parameter in the connection. You just need to point that at your server I believe.

EDIT: I was wrong about that. It looks like the way we connect isn’t compatible with an on-premise version of Jira. The local servers don’t support API tokens.

We’ve got an internal ticket going on this request to research what we can do to integrate with on-prem servers.

@matt_domko @joey_mcadams I just pulled down a docker image of Jira to run it locally and was able to confirm we can use the current plugin with Jira Server (on-premise); however, instead of an API key you have to use the password for the account.

Joey is correct that Jira Cloud specifically requires an API Token (instead of the password of the account). Hope this helps!

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I was entering the complete email address (I think that’s what the plugin specified). Dropping to just the username resolved the issue. Thanks for the help folks :slight_smile:

Hi, has there been any progress on this. Jira server only works with OAuth or Username/PW. We are currently still using version 3 of the jira plugin as it was the last one that allowed us to use a username/PW combination for auth connection.

@jose_cardona - Are you using on-prem jira? I was able to use the latest plugin by entering the username/pw (just dropping the domain… so user@domain.com credentials would just be ‘user’ for the username)