Jira plugin Monitor Issues Trigger intermittently slow to detect Jira updates

I’m using the Monitor Issues Trigger from the Jira plug-in (version 6.2.0) to have a Workflow notify a Teams Channel when there are updates to Jira tickets.

Sometimes the Trigger is quite quick to pick up changes, but during my testing today I’ve noticed that the majority of updates took 10-15 minutes or more from the time Jira was updated to the time the Trigger started the Workflow. The issue isn’t with Teams - it’s between Jira and Insight Connect.


  • Is Insight Connect actually polling every 60 seconds, or is it less frequent?
  • Is Jira being slow to respond to queries from Insight Connect?

Not sure how I can look under the hood to see where the lag is introduced. I’m not a Jira admin, so I’d rather start out by seeing some logs (or other metric) to show when/how Insight Connect is polling Jira. Note that I haven’t attempted to alter the default 60 second poll period configured within the Jira plugin.