IVM Platform :API call for Data Collection Management

This might be a question for Insight Platform, but I figured I start here.

We deploy Insight Agent across our environment as part of standard deployment for our InsightVM Console. Sometimes things break. It happens. We track when these things happen via Data Collection Management in Insight Platform to see the errors. As we work with our partners and different members of leadership, they are curious to have this more forward facing.

So my question(s) are:

Can you pull Agent error data via API?
If you can’t pull it via API, What is a good way to automate the data extraction since you can pull a CSV on the data set in Platform?

Check with Eugenia in this threat to get the GraphQL API docs:

Basically, there is an executedJobs event in agentJobs when iterating over the Asset fragment. This returns event data such as “FAILED” and “ERROR”. This is what we use to monitor agent error status.

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Please see above

@SCO Thanks for the direction