IVM Local Engine Scan stuck running

I have a scan job that IVM console shows is running for over 458 hours now.
I’ve tried rebooting Console and Engine servers but the job is still displayed.

It was started with a AD domain account that no longer works.

nThese are instructions provided to me in a case I opened which resolved my issue.

  1. In InsightVM, go to Administration → Maintenance, Storage, and Troubleshooting → Run
  2. Enter the command: “cancel scan scan-id”
    Where “scan-id” is the Scan ID of the hung scan.
  3. Hit execute

To get the Scan ID, go to the Site where the scan is running, and scroll down to “Current Scans”.
Click into the hung scan, and note the URL. The Scan ID is the part after the “=” sign. It should look like:
So in this example, Scan ID is 121. In the above command, you would enter “cancel scan 121” to stop this scan.