IVM assets duplicate


Friends, I have a doubt about a problem I’m facing, we have a total of x licenses and I realized that assets exceeded the licenses. However, I also realized that the assets are duplicating, and for that reason, perhaps I have exceeded the licenses.

Does anyone have a tip? something i can see?

check the administration page under global settings and see if you have asset linking disabled

Also, make sure you Template has “Do not treat TCP reset responses as live assets.” is checked in your template

Hi John,

Link assets through sites have the flag enabled, should I disable it?


No, you want that enabled. If it was disabled, that could have been the issue for duplicate assets.

Can you show what you mean by assets are duplicating? Are there multiple asset pages for each asset with all of the same info? Or do you have DHCP or something and there’s assets being found with only the IP and then every day/week/month they get a new IP and receive a new asset page?

9 times out of 10 this is going to be an environment specific question so it’s very likely something that you want to raise to your CSM.