Issuing commands from Teams unsuccessful

I’ve tried setting up multiple Teams workflows and posting events to the Teams channel is successful. However, commands issued from the Teams channel are not starting jobs. What step am I missing here?

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I remember when I set this up originally I was told that this could happen if not all the permissions were set up correctly.
This plugin uses two sets of credentials, username/password and an App Registration.
I think Posting uses one set and Reading uses the other.
Also, double check your regex using in your Trigger to make sure you are filtering correctly.
For all my read commands I start with a ! to make sure they don’t accidentally get triggered, so your regex should start with ^!


I’m officially stuck on this one. I’ve reviewed the application and user accounts settings provided; however, the commands entered to the channel are not picked up by the orchestrator. Are there any additional permissions required by the Azure app, group or, user?

Hi Donald, I have a feeling the issue is with the regex you are using for the Teams trigger. Can you please post what you are using for the trigger command as well as an example of what you have been sending in Teams?