Issue with Integration of SQL Database with Rapid7

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding the integration of my SQL database with our platform. Currently, I am encountering challenges in establishing communication between the database and the collector, and I would appreciate your guidance to ensure a seamless integration process. The collector and the database are placed in different subnets. Does it have to be double-sided communication between the collector and the database? Please can you assist in specifying the open ports required for each one. Despite my efforts, I have encountered obstacles that hinder the establishment of a connection between the SQL database and the collector. In order to address this issue effectively, I would like to understand the recommended communication protocol and best practices that should be followed for a successful integration. All this following steps are done: Microsoft SQL Database Audit Logs | InsightIDR Documentation Best regards

Hey @hp_first Do you still need help with this? considering its been months. Let me know and can assist.