Is there a way to use query building in insight vm to ID machines out of date 3rd Party software?

For example, I would like to query if there are machines that are not on the latest version of zoom. 5.9.3. I can seem to filter what machines are on Zoom 5.9.3 but I want to ID those that are not on Zoom 5.9.3. When I try to use ‘does not contain’ it results in all assets being returned. Is this possible? Does someone have a sample query they can provide?

Good Morning.

software.product contains ‘zoom’ AND software.version != ‘5.9.3’

Hi Tyler

This seems closer. The version is actually 5.9.3 (4239) and when I run your query I don’t get the results as expected. Is it because there are parenthesis around 4239?

Yes, version != ‘5.9.3 (4239)’ should be better