Is there a way to run a report to see all the assets that are in a site's configuration?

When I do asset inventory for the month, I have to manually go through the site configuration to see if an asset is included in the site. On a lot of our sites, there’s a VM connector that automatically picks up assets, the problem is, if the asset has not been scanned before, it will not appear in the asset list csv on the site’s front page, so I will have to click on “manage site” then click on “assets” and then copy and paste the name of the asset I am looking for. I have to do this for hundreds of assets and I need an easier way, so I am looking for a report or something that will show me what is in the site configuration.

I assume that you’re referring to the vmware dynamic discovery module that you’re using to define your site.

You should be able to use the API call against the site to show site assets. I don’t specifically have a connector in my lab to test this but I’m assuming it should show the same assets if that’s what is displayed in the UI when you click “Manage Site”.

The API doc for that endpoint is here:

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