Is it possible to rename an Orchestrator?

I migrated my orchestrator from CentOS to Ubuntu and it has a new hostname, but the orchestrator still shows the old name, can I rename it? This isn’t affecting anything other than being confusing.


I second this. While not breaking anything, it is confusing that I’ve rebuilt 2 times with different names, but the Orchestrator page shows the old original connection name or whatever you want to call it, just happens to be the original hostname. I wonder if it could be for back-end compatibility with the workflows from R7 console to the orchestrator?

Being able to change or update would be nice visually though.

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would also like to know the answer to this as we are about to migrate

i wonder if we have to delete it and then reactivate it? Hopefully not. Obviously not keen to do that.

@brandon_mcclure did you figure out a way to rename it?

not yet

@david_smith Do you we have any updates from the engineering team regarding on this topic?

This is an outstanding enhancement request, if you raise a support case you can be added to the existing ticket to help push for adding this feature IDEA is number 17914 for reference if you choose to do so.