Is it possible to remove a device from appearing in a particular site?

We had an issue where for a short time last year there was a missing exclusion in scanning an IP range of a site. This mant that for that time we had some devices being scanned in two sites, and now show their site as being ‘Global’. This is still persisting on those devices now, which means they end up showing up in reports for the site they are not actually in.

Is there a way to manually change the site for a Device, or to delete the scan for the device that was for the incorrect site? Or another solution?

Thank you!

We worked with R7 support on this for awhile, as we have multiple sites that people go to and from for many reasons. We had assets in as many as 4 sites. The support answer was “we didn’t anticipate customers to use sites this way” … basically. At the very end they recommended scanning asset groups rather than sites of IP’s, which seems like it might be a decent idea but we never made the change. For now we are dealing with it and combing through the incorrect reports that this causes, as the issue will probably never be fully resolved. Not sure if that helps or not but just wanted to provide the answer we got from support and engineers.

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LOL I can’t count the times I heard R7 support say this phrase. They didn’t anticipate many things

Within the site in question
Select the asset (or assets) that you want to remove from the particular site
Highlighted you will now see ‘Remove asset from site’
Hope i’ve understood your post clearly, and the above helps mate :slight_smile: