Is it possible for dashboards and/or reports to display more than 2 columns of information?

I’m trying to figure out how I can either create more informative dashboards or just generate weekly reports to show info in a better way. For example, say I want to see how many login attempts have been made from non-US countries for each user. I would like to have these columns: user’s name, login country, number of authentications, IP, reason for failure

Table Example:
Joe Smith - Chile - 23 - - Geographic Location Block

Of course, this is just one example. I want to create something more Excel spreadsheet like to identify specific trends instead of having a bunch of 2-column tables for everything.

Not currently but it is something that the DEV team is working on to be a new feature. What the timeline is for that I’m not sure but it has certainly been mentioned and there are several request for enhancement tickets open for it.


Great to hear!

The ability to see logs as a CSV in a dashboard card was functionality we used to have in a table view. The last major update to the cards took it away. I hope we will see cards regain this soon, as @john_hartman noted.

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FYI. Appears that this feature was just added!

(BTW, if you’re in the card editor and do not see a column selector in the table view, make sure you do not have a groupby specified in your query.)



Was just about to state that, simply have a where statement with no groupby function and it will allow you to add your own! There is currently an issue where certain sub keywords, like those nested in insertion strings come up with blank values, but I know they are working on it.

Edit 1/17/2023 - I’ve heard and confirmed in my lab that this sub-key value display issue has been fixed.