Is it possible for dashboards and/or reports to display more than 2 columns of information?

I’m trying to figure out how I can either create more informative dashboards or just generate weekly reports to show info in a better way. For example, say I want to see how many login attempts have been made from non-US countries for each user. I would like to have these columns: user’s name, login country, number of authentications, IP, reason for failure

Table Example:
Joe Smith - Chile - 23 - - Geographic Location Block

Of course, this is just one example. I want to create something more Excel spreadsheet like to identify specific trends instead of having a bunch of 2-column tables for everything.

Not currently but it is something that the DEV team is working on to be a new feature. What the timeline is for that I’m not sure but it has certainly been mentioned and there are several request for enhancement tickets open for it.

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Great to hear!

The ability to see logs as a CSV in a dashboard card was functionality we used to have in a table view. The last major update to the cards took it away. I hope we will see cards regain this soon, as @john_hartman noted.