Ipims file downloading when browsing insightVM in Safari

I just switch from Chrome to Safari for ICON an IVM and I noticed when I’m in IVM it keeps downloading an ipims file, anyone know what this is? It makes an InfoSec guy uneasy

I have been running into this issue for a while - I was previously told that Safari simply isn’t a supported browser so I am not sure if it will be fixed.

I can’t say for certain what it is but iPIMS is a tool that we use to manage all customer environments. It’s essentially how all platforms get provisioned. However, I’m not sure what it would be trying to download but like @john.mauss mentioned, Safari is not a supported browser so that may be one of the reasons why.

I am sure there is a flag or some kind of option that was never looked at (because Safari is unsupported), but disabling this download would be a great quality of life change that should take minimal effort to implement for even an unsupported platform. I haven’t run into other issues with Safari, only that my download folder slowly fills up with these throughout the day.

Thanks for the quick reply!