Investigation Count Dashboard

Is there a way to create a dashboard in IDR, that shows the count of Investigations for a time period? I have a Quarterly Report Dashboard, that contains a number of cards that our C-Suite likes to see each quarter. With the new HTML capability with dashboards/reports, I’d like to be able to have that info available in that dashboard.

I can get the info by simply going to Investigations, selecting all Open, Closed, and Investigating investigations for the past 3 month – but it’d be nice to have that info available in a dashboard card.

Hey @gschneider the closest thing we have today is Monitor Your Security Operations Activities | InsightIDR Documentation

However it doesn’t allow easy exporting of data, aside from a screenshot. This is something a lot of customers are keen to have and we have committed to delivering a reporting experience to allow reports to be generated from this data.

We don’t have a firm ETA to share at this time but the work is progressing.



Sounds great. One of the biggest reasons we stick with Rapid7’s insightIDR (and in the past 20 years, I’ve used almost every SIEM out there), is because you all keep enriching it – unlike your competitors. I’ve seen your feature requests materialize into something real.



I use the api and grafana to create a dashboard of case statistics.