Intune/ Entra device discovery

Is there currently a method or one planned for the future that will allow auto discovery of all devices in InTune/ Entra?

Has anyone perhaps found a workaround by using ICON, etc?

Does your Default Intune deployment policy include the Rapid7 Agent? Also, are the EntraID devices hybrid joined or are they enrolled into Intune?

either way i would set my deployment policy or GPO to deploy the rapid7 Agent onto the Device. For the EntraID devices in azure, i would scan the Subnet to detect the device periodically.

Let me know if that works for you, Thats how ours are detected.

It does. All the devices have the agent installed, however, we have two business entities. This one is Entra joined and the device name alone can’t be used to identify the devices as part of this entity. There aren’t any properties we can use to uniquely identify these device for reporting either.

I was hoping we could auto add devices to a site by way of a connection and add a tag when doing so.