Introduction Time!

Welcome to the forum! We’re glad to have you join us. :coffee:

I’m sure we have folks here from all different realms, so feel free to post an introduction and share a bit about yourself and what you do.

I’ll start us off.

My name is Holly, and I’m a software engineer at Rapid7. I like building and breaking things, and also being part of the community. :wave:


Hey Holly!

I’m Robert Lerner, Lead Security Consultant over on our Product Security Consulting side.

We stand up software, work with integrations, and show companies how to leverage our tools to maximize their success and ensure their organization is secure!


Hello! I’m Spencer. I work on our education team at rapid7. We build on-demand and instructor-led training and labs to help our customers, partners, and moose get started with all our insight platform products.

In my non-work life, I like to read, follow my favorite sports teams, walk my Siberian husky and watch really bad sci-fi.

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Why hello there everyone!

I’m James Weiland, one of Rapid7’s security consultants and overall a better man than Bob Lerner. I work with customers as an onboarding specialist for our InsightVM and InsightIDR products and love getting deep into the weeds with them!

I have a ton of hobbies, so here’s a list: real estate investing, strength training, martial arts, card counting in BlackJack, hacking my IOT devices, lock-picking, video gaming (I once was a streamer), clubbing (oh yeah, I love to hit the dance floor!), fast-pitch softball, football.

I’m excited to be an active member of this forum, and my main goal is to out-post Bob.


I’m excited to have an area that provides visibility of what’s actually going on in the community to developers and share with each other.

Hi, my name is Brian. Long term Rapid7 product customer at multiple companies over the past ~14 years. I’ve spent much of that time tweaking and modifying products like Nexpose to get more out of them in my environments. I look forward to once again having a place to engage with the community! Now to learn this platform.


Thanks for joining us! We definitely want this to be a place for folks to learn from one another and where we can share what’s going on with you guys, so feel free to post any questions/anything you’d like to share. Especially since it sounds like you’ve done quite a bit in terms of modifying/optimizing with the products.

We’re also getting ready to dive into the “builder” side of things to ensure it’s easier for everyone to do exactly that, so if you’ve got any feedback for us, be sure to send it our way.

Hi Brain ,
I am trying to use SQL query to export the policy scan checks that nexpose uses to to check if the asset is compliant or not.
I have tried to post the question in the link with more info about what i am looking for , it looks like you a not of experience with the product so thought to ask if you you could help.