Introducing Workflow Parameters

Introducing Workflow Parameters!

Hi Everyone! We are very excited to be rolling out a new feature for InsightConnect: Workflow Parameters.

What are Workflow Parameters?

Workflow Parameters allow a variable to be created that can be used multiple times throughout a workflow. A parameter may then be viewed and edited in a single location, thereby changing the value of the parameter throughout the workflow. This significantly reduces the need to make redundant edits to multiple steps in the workflow builder.

For example, if a workflow includes three Microsoft Teams steps, parameters can be created to easily set the value of the Team Name and Channel Name inputs for all three steps.

Parameters can be configured to be a Boolean, Date, Float, Integer, Number, or String variable type.

How do Parameters Work?

Parameters can be viewed and edited from the Control Panel:


Parameters can be created, viewed, and edited from within the Builder:


To leverage a Parameter in a step simply select the parameter from the Step Input Item Picker:Parameters_Discuss_3

We are updating Workflows from the Rapid7 Extension Library to leverage the Parameters feature. Currently the following Workflows have been configured to use Parameters:

Automated Indicator Enrichment using Slack
Enrich Indicators with OSINT from Microsoft Teams
Lookup Vulnerable Hosts with Microsoft Teams
Lookup Vulnerable Hosts with Slack

As we release this feature we’d love to get your feedback on how you’re using Parameters, what use cases you’re finding, and if there’s anything on our end we can do to make Parameters even more useful!


Hi Everyone!

Quick update here for Workflow Parameters. You can now create a Workflow Parameter from the variable selection drop down by selecting + Add Workflow Parameter . From here you get the full functionality of workflow parameters without having to back out of a step configuration!

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 8.48.40 AM

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