Introducing the InsightIDR Detection Library!

Hi, folks – Gwen from the Rapid7 D&R team! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding InsightIDR detection content to our Documentation site! You can now browse our existing ABA detections, gain visibility into alert logic, and review actionable recommendations directly from the InsightIDR Detection Library.

The Rapid7 Threat Intelligence Team makes frequent updates to our ABA detections to adapt to the ever-changing tactics of malicious actors, along with a set of recommendations so that you have the guidance needed to effectively investigate and respond.

The library is broken into 5 main categories:

…with even more content coming soon!

As an FYI, the Detection Library only includes ABA detections at this time. We’re working hard to get all our detections added to the library so check back soon for the latest updates! You can view all available detections in InsightIDR by going to the left menu and selecting Settings > Alert Settings . To view your UBA detections, click the User Behavior Analytics tab. For a complete view of your ABA detections, click the Attacker Behavior Analytics tab.

Let us know what you think, and drop us feedback directly in this topic. :slight_smile:

Happy Monday!


Really like this! It have helped me getting better understanding for the alerts :slight_smile: