Introducing Dark Theme for InsightConnect! πŸŒƒ

Hello InsightConnect community. I’m pleased to announce that our team has completed all of the painstaking paint-by-numbers coloring needed to enable the dark theme for InsightConnect!


You can set your theme by opening your Profile dropdown in the top right, and selecting Profile Settings. Your theme will be saved and used each time you open InsightConnect.

2022-06-07 10.14.15

If you notice any anomalies or issues in the dark theme, feel free to post them in this thread, and we’ll add them to our list to fix up. Many of us are dark theme aficionados ourselves, so we’re committed to ensuring that future releases are dark-mode-ready going forward.

We hope you enjoy this new theme. Let us know what you think!


Love the new Dark theme, but I noticed that human decisions are difficult to read when it is on. Can you look into adjusting that?


Hey Brandon, yep we noticed that as well. We’ll get it fixed ASAP! Thanks for the feedback.

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Just noticed that this was fixed and looks good :+1:

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