Internal Schema vs Data Warehouse Schema graphics

Hey y’all,

In investigating the schema differences between the Security Console and the Data warehouse, the documentation for the data warehouse (Dimensional Data Warehouse Schema) is extremely detailed with the graphical element.

Is there an equivalent graphical representation available for the security console’s internal schema or is there only the text docs from Understanding the reporting data model: Overview and query design | InsightVM Documentation


Unfortunately there is no infographic for the console schema currently.

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Ah well, I thought not. Is creating a similar infographic and table set for the console schema something R7 is open to doing?

There is a task to get this accomplished through one of our project teams. Unfortunately it’s not a quick action as the console schema is not a persistent database but instead a translation of the internal database on the console.

Additionally the entire methodology behind how our database stores its data is in progress to change with the nodeless project we have been working on.

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