Integration with Service Now

Looking to see if anyone has experience in controlling the content flowing into ServiceNow - all the data points are there and the integration is working as we would expect, but we can’t get the content in the ticket created to be formatted in a pleasing manner.

It’s all a blob of text, line breaks don’t occur where they should, links aren’t active, etc.

Anyone have tips in how to inject HTML or otherwise better format the tickets it creates coming out of a remediation project in InsightVM?

I am in the process of working through this too. We hooked the integration up - and it was a blob of text identifying systems that belong to different groups.

What I am still working through and testing is the ability to scope assets through remediation projects with asset groups / tagging.

As for the text I would pay attention to the format settings on where you want the information to be put in the ticket? otherwise, this could be a potential opportunity to have a working session with your local snow developers?

Best of luck op.

What was the outcome of the integration? Currently planning an integration and monitoring SNOW UGs as well for lessons learned.

Doing some grave digging on this thread.

So, things that I have learned from this effort. I would assume that the OP is trying to use the ITSM integration with the Remediation Projects section of IVM. I think the integration has received some updates as of recently. When I revisited this piece I was pleasantly surprised to see the basic solution based mappings populated already so it is broken down into a more legible format.

When you’re specifying the target scope, OP. I would suggest using a query that outlines which assets you want to focus on in a site, asset group, or even with a tag of some sort. This will help you slice and dice your assets up without sending tickets out for teams to play hot potato with until all remediation efforts are done.

I hope some of this was potentially ‘insight’-ful .


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