Integrate Jira Tickets and IDR Investigations


I would like to integrate Jira Tickets and IDR Investigations: If an investigation is opened, a new ticket on Jira should be created. If a comment is added on IDR, the comment should be added to Jira Ticket. And same for status, mapping status to get automatically updated.

In both directions.

I’ve checked the Jira plugin, and it allows me to create a new ticket on Jira, or adding comments, but I don’t see a way to create a real integration / synchronization between both systems.

Is it possible? Thanks!


This can be done, but is a tad complicated as you essentially need two workflows to accomplish this.

  • One workflow will create the Jira investigation upon IDR investigation creation as well as create a record in a global artifact with investigation ID and Jira issue ID.

  • Your second workflow will run hourly(or whatever set time you’d like) and loop through the investigation IDs in the global artifact to see if there are any new comments and if so, create them in Jira. To prevent duplication of comments across the two it would also be wise to create a separate global artifact that contains your IDR comment rrn’s and the text so that you can compare what is pulled in the workflow with what you have already sent to Jira.

Hope this helps

Hi Eric,

do you have a sample Workflow that we can import? :slight_smile:

I think this would help a lot of people.