Installation of old insight agent

Hi, During our original implementation of insightVM we didn’t installed agents on some of our older servers as they were ‘due to be decommissioned soon’. Here we are, a long time later, and the servers are still running so we want to install the old unsupported agents on these now anyway, to maintain visibility of them.

I’ve downloaded the relevant versions of the older agents that match the versions required within the documentation and some are installing but some aren’t (on the same 64 bit OS). When entering the token we get an error ‘Connection to R7 endpoint failed’ - I’ve tried copy\pasting and entering the token manually but get the same error. I can’t find any logs that might contain any further detail. I can also see traffic passing through our firewall to the so it doesn’t look like a firewall issue. I’ve also tried downloading another slightly older agent and get the same problem with that.

Does anyone have any ideas that i can try to get this working? If not then i’ll just rely on the scan engines to make sure they stay visible but it would good to also get the other benefits of the agent.