InsightVM - Vulnerability instance causes duplication entry on CSV report

Good day!

Just wondering, does anyone noticed that when generating a report based on CSV using either the default “Basic Vulnerability Check” template or a custom CSV template created from the Reports Tab of the security console yields duplicate entries when a vulnerability found has multiple instances?

Suppose, you have this vulnerability which has two instances on an asset: Adobe Flash Player: APSB15-28 (CVE-2015-7652): Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player

Then when you generate a CSV report from the aforementioned template, you’ll have this entry in your CSV report.

So if a specific vulnerability has more than 2 instances then you will have the exact same number of entries in your CSV report.

Is it supposed to be like that at all? I kind of taking a lot of time checking and deleting the duplicate entries that it become a hassle.

There’s indeed another way I found which is to go directly to the vulnerability page of that asset then do an “Export to CSV” but this doesn’t conform to the process in place wherein as long as the scan is done it will trigger the Recurring report to run.

Hope to get anyone’s input on this. Thanks!

Hey @nowel! I just did some testing on my own instance of InsightVM and I was able to see the same thing with vulnerability instances in a report I ran. I’m not 100% sure if that’s intended behavior in the report, but I can try to double check with the team and see what they say.

Are you using Excel or Google Sheets to view your CSV reports? I believe there’s an option you can choose to automatically “delete duplicates” from a selected group of rows. It’s definitely a bandaid for this situation rather than a fix, but I’ll see if I can get any more info from the team.

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Am using Excel to view it. And yeah, for now am manually deleting the duplicates which takes some time especially if I have multiple CSV report.

Anyway, am just bringing this to attention, hopefully a fix will be implemented the soonest as were actually generating CSV reports frequently.

Thanks and have a great day ahead!

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Same to you, and appreciate you bringing this up!