InsightVM users cannot see the scan console features

Hi all,

I have done the setup of Rapid7 scan console and InsightVM. When I log into InsightVM I have the options for ‘assets’ and ‘vulnerabilities’ in the menu on the left side. When you click these options you see that you are actually on the webinterface of the local scan console.


I added my colleague to InsightVM as an admin, he is not able to see these options at all. I created a user account in the scan console for him but the options are still not visible.

Is it possible for my colleague(s) to have these options available as well?

Have you tried clearing the browser cache / cookies? Started a private window?

Those shouldn’t be removed from the users.

Have you tried this?


Ran into the same issue and can confirm the answer of @brandon_mcclure. After running the command platform-login enable USERNAME on the IVM Console, your user should be able to see all the options with the platform user.

That was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you guys so much :slight_smile: