Insightvm Scan engine Update failed

In distributed scan engine environment one of scan engine update is failed its content version is older than the other scan engines. How to resolve this issue

You can open a support case. They can usually reset the scan engine state on the backend. I hope this helps.

Yes, I have opened a case.But is there any checks that should be done to detect the exact issue.

No, you basically can do nothing. They just need the ID of the SE if I remember well, to be able to identify and reset it.

Is it a Rapid7 hosted engine or on-premise?

If it’s on premise, check you have enough disk space and if you have antivirus check it isn’t deleting anything (e.g. from the staging directory).

In the past I’ve found it easier to just reinstall the scan engine rather than figure out what’s wrong. If you don’t have any custom scan content that should be fairly straightforward.

Ok,So we need to reset scan engine means reinstallation or reboot.

So what should be checked on console portal before reinstallation.
What parameters needs to be verified before uninstall & reinstall process.

Actually I think “repair” would be a better word.

I thought R7 had some doco on this but apparently not. Have you seen the troubleshooting info here?: Troubleshooting | Nexpose Documentation

This has worked for me in the past, but at your own risk…

  1. stop the nexpose service
  2. delete the ‘stagingFileData’ and ‘pending’ directories under rapid7/nexpose/updates/
  3. download and run the installer - should detect the installation and give you the option to run a “repair” install.
  4. restart the service
    If it doesn’t detect a current install and you do a clean install then you’ll probably need to pair it to the console as a new scanner and do any changes to the scanner pools/sites depending on your setup, in that case I’d probably exit and wait for support. Also, I don’t have any custom checks, but if you do I believe they’ll be blatted by the installer.

We encountered this problem at the start of December, and even after reinstalling the engine, we are still facing the same issue. Has anyone discovered a solution for it yet? Many thanks!