InsightVM reports to s3 buckets

Hello Everyone,
Is there a way to ingest all my insightvm reports into S3 bucket and free up my disk space. And going forward we can periodically ingest all our insightvm report into S3.
Kindly help us to understand the logic behind the workflow.

Submit a feature request. This is currently not possible. I have submitted a request for something similar.

Despite there not being a native method within InsightVM to deliver reports automatically to an S3 bucket you may not be out in the cold on this one. When you configure your report you can set the report to also store the files at the following location by following the directions Here:


That said, you may be able to create a small script that watches that directory for new files and then uses the AWS cli tools to automatically upload it to your bucket for you.

To tackle the space issue, you could then use the retention policies within InsightVM to purge previous reports older than a timeframe of your choosing after your reports are uploaded.

Some good examples of copying files with the AWS cli tools can be found here