InsightVM Reporting comparing before and After Remediation particular Endpoint or CVE

Has anyone had any success creating reports for audits on a particlar asset and particular CVE vulnerability to compare baselines. The Insight VM reporting you can perform audit report which shows the trends of the overall device or asset group or site in question. For Example We are creating Remediation projects for instance a particular CVE like : [CVE-2023-20892]. We show a single instance affected and we create the project and deploy the workflow to the engineers. Once the project is created you can export to PDF showing the One asset and One cve that you made in query builder and created the project. The Exported PDF is actually a decent PDF. The Report name is Vulnerability Details report but seems it can only be made with a Project which is fine. Now once the project is closed and shows 100% there is no Export or report to show now this Vulnerability tareting this asset is corrected. You can Export a basic excel sheet showing one line completed. There has to be a better way to report on remediations to show report created on, this are the assets, this is the vulnerability, solutions, and we are now compliant and unaffected in a PDF or some respectful format to show C level employees or auditors. Any help or direction would be appreciated.