InsightVM report creation

I have been creating pdf reports of assets scanned which includes their detailed information from the assets dashboard. I am only able to generate a report containing 1 per each report. How can I generate a cumulative report of all the assets and their information from the asset dashboard ?

Thank you.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly you’re trying to do or how you’re currently doing it. Can you provide some screenshots of what you’re currently doing and your expected result?

I’m assuming you’re starting at the Assets dashboard and expanding one of the cards, then clicking on a single asset and clicking Export to PDF at the top right. If that’s the method you’re going through then I can see how that is a super manual process.

For reports I suggest not using this method but instead explore the built in console report templates OR use the query builder to export CSV reports.

For more specific reports you can always use the SQL Export from the console reports and build the query you want. You can go to our public Github repo for InsightVM SQL queries to help get you on the right foot.