InsightVM Remediation Project

Hello, I’m new to InsightVM. Can anyone guide me on how to set up a remediation project? Once we’ve created a remediation project, does it function autonomously, such as applying software updates without requiring the involvement of system administrators?

Not by default.
Remediation Projects are a way to track progress.
I set mine up by Application or Team and all the servers under that, then the remediation project shows the Remediations needing done and the assets that need it.
You can have automated option to open a third party ticket for this, and if attached to that system when the ticket closes the remediation closes, but I have not set that up.

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So, are you saying that a Remediation Project only monitors the progress of remediation, and we need to manually perform actions like updating outdated software?

Correct, I’ve heard that there are integrations with things like BigFix, but ours are purely manual