InsightVM - More information for Solutions

Hi Team,

In the past we have raised a couple of feature requests for InsightVM and I would like to raise them again to see if it’s on the roadmap.

Within the query builder you have a section based on Solutions and we would find it incredibly valuable to be able to select a solution and then see a list of assets, similar to when you select a vulnerability. Right now we can see the asset count, vulnerabilities and total risk, but no real way of finding out what assets are susceptible to that solution or which vulnerabilities that solution would nullify.

image (1)

Along side this, we would love to be able to search via Solution/Solution Summary/Solution ID. Such as building a query around the solution name eg. solution.summary contains “Chrome” and that would return results where chrome is in the summary (“Upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome”).

I feel this would be a great way to bolster the use of Goals and SLAs because you could focus patching solutions that have targetable vulnerabilities.

Something very similar to how you have been able to implement searching product names/descriptions. That being said, being able to also select a software product to drill down to what assets have that product installed would be a lot quicker and easier rather than having to user the query builder.

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