InsightVM integration in InsightIDR

Dear R7,

I am trying to integrate InsightVM even source in InsightIDR with reference to the R7 document Integrate InsightVM | InsightIDR Documentation but still gets an error as ‘Connection Refused’.
All the information in required fields are correct.
Please suggest.


We are currently running a trial of IDR and we are experiencing the same issue. Where are you able to get it resolved?

@jeremy_bullock have you verified that the collector can reach the console over port 3780? It could be also worth reviewing the nsc.log on the console to check if the collector is failing to authenticate.

One thing to note, the IVM event source as it stands is quite old and prone to issues, we currently have a new version of the event source in early access testing, and the results are looking promising.

We are hoping to get the customer wide release out in the next couple of weeks.

So if you confirm the above is fine you should wait for that.


I realized after I posted that we are using a web proxy for our InsightVM. I used a direct address to our VM and it’s running now.