InsightVM Incorrect remediation project data compared to tags and missing proof in remediator exports

Have a case open on this but posting to hear about others experiences.

I noticed starting mid-late last week that the remediation project data for # of assets was suddenly missing, and then it somewhat seemed to self correct for a few projects the next few days.

The # of affected assets does not line up with all of the assets we previously have tags for under specific vulnerabilities.

I also noticed recently that when using the remediation export, a handful of assets (even the ones that do appear in the plan) do not show up at all.

This is preventing me from effectively planning and coordinating a comprehensive remediation plan for some vulnerabilities with my team.

Is there any alternative way to quickly get the full scope of assets along with the proof, aka the file paths, etc? Or do we just have to wait til it’s resolved? Not sure what the expected turnaround time for a resolution is.


This isn’t a solution to your problem, and I hope that support is working to quickly resolve this. However, you can get a lot of the same data through the console level reports, mainly the “Top remediation with details” report depending on how you scope it.

Alternatively you can write SQL Queries to display the remediations as well. Unfortunately for this, the filtering is a little harder than what is offered through the platform using the query builder and of course these reports are a point-in-time and do not get updated like the remediation projects.

The link above is one example query in our public GitHub repo you could either use or reference. There are a handful more examples in that repo as well.

We are having this issue now and have a ticket open. Was this ever resolved for you?

Same issue here as well. I have a ticket open with support and they’ve identified it as a known issue and is currently in a state of “In engineering backlog”. Lord knows when this will get fixed…

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