insightVM features?

Hello all, new here to the InsightVM platform I used Nexpose daily.
I would like to use InsightVM but I cannot seem to figure out how to get the same options as Nexpose to appear on my InsightVM account. I am missing tabs such as “assets” “vulnerabilities” “automated actions” “policies” … any tips? Thank you.

platform-login enable [username1,email2…]


Thank you for the tips, I have attempted the command you provided but I am receiving invalid user names… I have checked the Admin Console for the USN and Emails and confirmed I am using the correct ones.
Thank you.

I am receiving this message now.

Failed to enable Insight Platform Login for the users. It has not been set up by a global admin in the Platform (no console url).

At least from the message, it looks like the console was never attached to the platform. When you login to the platform, you can click on Home and there is an option to contact the Platform administrator over there if you don’t know who is handling the console and / or platform. They should be able to help you out in setting up the connection.

Activate your console on the Insight Platform | InsightVM Documentation (

The console is already connected, I get all my data through insightVM, I just seem to be missing the side menu options for vulnerabilities/assets and a few more. Not sure how to enable those features.

One thing to note is the user ID is case sensitive, so if you are entering it in one case but it is on the console on a different case, it will give the “User not found” error.

If that is not the case, then the way I had to do it is to delete the accounts on both the platform and console and create the account only on the console. Once you login and click on the dashboard / remediation projects, it will give you an option to use the platform login.

I had a user for whom the first method didn’t work, so we had to follow the second way. Though this is not ideal, it was the only way I had. I did create a temp account for the user and assigned all projects and reports to that account, and then transferred all of them back to the user’s account.

I assume you’re logging in to the Insight Platform and selecting the InsightVM product from there. Have you tried logging in to the console first? When you log in to the console, do you see the InsightVM features there?

I think what you’re seeing is the same as our set up. We haven’t enabled platform login, but I suspect if we did that then we’d see both sets of options when logging in through the platform.