InsightVM cloud dashboard sync issue

Hello community,

I have InsightVM agents installed on more than 100 assets (122 to be precise). Some of them are Windows and some are Linux machine. I can also verify the list of assets in which agent are installed from https://localhost:3780 dashboard. However, the main issue here is the cloud dashboard ( only shows that there are 57 assets with agent installed. The card from cloud dashboard is “Number of assets with an agent”.

Note: In firewall I have added the URL group and configured rules to communicate with insight platform.

Any suggestions on this particular issue or How should I investigate logs to troubleshoot this Issue.


Identify a host with agent that you do not find on Insight Cloud.
On this host, look at the logs (Agent Logs | Insight Agent Documentation) and identify why the host cannot connect. Often issues are related to FW rules on the host, upstream proxy with TLS interception (mutual TLS is validated), etc.

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it’s very possible that the card your looking at or the dashboard the card is on has a filter applied.

What does it show in your actual agent management page in the platform?

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In agent management page, it that there are 126 agents. However in security console (localhost:3780) it shows notification that security console has lost connection with cloud.

So that notification very well could be old. That notification does not automatically disappear after triggering so you may need to delete the notification now that you’ve seen it.

If there is an issue between the connection of your console and cloud platform you can go to the administration teb and perform diagnostics. That should tell you if there is anything wrong from a high level like no connection to any of the cloud diagnostic endpoints.

IF there is no connection then you probably won’t be able to send logs directly to a support case but I would still suggest opening a support case if any of the checks fail.

If nothing fails I would suggest doing a run command and running “sync cloud” to kick off a manual sync. Ideally this would all go smoothly and the command would be accepted and the sync job would start. If the sync job fails, I suggest opening a support ticket.

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