InsightVM Cloud API v4: searching for assets

I’m trying to figure out how to search for assets via the insightVM Cloud API v4, but haven’t been having much luck.

When trying to search for assets by hostname, I receive a list of 4 seemingly random assets in response, and I don’t know why - the hostnames are different, the IP addresses are all different - the query doesn’t seem to be related to the assets being returned.

Here’s my query, where is the asset that I want to search for:

    'asset': " = ''"

The 4 search results seem to be unrelated to the query, the page size is 10, and it looks like 50,000 results are returned - I’m guessing I’m receiving 4 results rather than a minimum of 10 because I haven’t implemented pagination, or, something.

In Exposure Analytics, my query returns a single asset - the correct asset.

Maybe the query is malformed, or I don’t understand the calling paradigm?

Here’s the Python script that I’m using to query the API:

import requests
import json

url = ''
api_key = ''
headers = {
    'X-Api-Key': api_key,
params = {
    'asset': " = ''"
response =, headers=headers, params=params, verify=False)

reply = response.json()

print(json.dumps(reply, indent=4, sort_keys=True))

Maybe our TAM could help out here?