InsightVM Bulk Extract: Assets, Vulnerability Name, Solution for all Instances

Hi all,
I need help to try to export all vulnerability instances from InsightVM. Not sure whether it is best to do so using SQL Queries or the API. Ideally, we would want to be able to do it by the tag.
Has anyone done this before? Someone please let me know how this can be achieved!!

I’m a fan of the data warehouse feature

There’s a SQL query (for use with the datawarehouse) in another post that gets you close to what you want:

And finally, to work with tags… are you trying to find all vulns on a host with a tag that matches “foo”, or are you trying to aggregate by tag? (an example of the tags you’re looking for would be helpful)

yes a tag that matches “Linux Team Servers” or like today i was just asked for historical data in the past 30 days on asset 1; looking for cve 2010-1870 to see if it had been in our environment before and was patched.